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Rainbow Lanta Travel and Tour

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Information about Lanta Island




           Diving in Koh Lanta        

Experience a fabulous underwater world today!



Hin Daeng is a huge underwater rock protruding three meters above the surface. The southern side of Hin Daeng descends to over 60m and on the eastern side where the slope is gentles, two long ridges descend out into the blue. Hin Daeng's Red Sof Coral is lush and tall. Hin Muang, a complitely submerged rock, derives its name from its dense covering of Purple soft corals. The Rock itself is approximately 200 m by 20 m and it shaped like an immense loaf of bread. It hasan incredible amount of marine life and divers may encounter whale sharks and manta rays arround the rocks, well known as their second home in Thailand



Koh Ha Yai is a small group of five islands 25 km west of Koh Lanta, separated by channels over 50 meters deep. The water here is ordinary quite clear and visibility frquently exceeds 25 meters. The highlight of diving here is a series of caves, or caverns on the largest of the islands, Koh Ha Yai. The emerald light filtering through the cave entrance at sunrise is quite magical. The caves are safe to enter, even without a light, as the entrances to the first caves are large. You can surface inside the caves and see stalactites hanging down from the celling above.



PHI PHI Islands

With the land area of 28 square kilometers, the islands focal point can befound at the twin bay formed by the Ton Sai and the Loh dalam bays. Ton Sai is the location of the boat jetty where many retailers and places of accomodation are found. Starting from there, trekking up the hill can lead to the scenic point overlooking the famous twin bay.



Koh Bida Nok isa small limestone cliff islet, two kilometers south of Phi Phi Leh. Its Phi Phi Islands best dive site, due to its great diversity of marine life.



Koh Bida Nai lies one kilometer south of Phi Phi Leh. Like its larger neighbor, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai is a limestonecliff islet with similar underwater terrain.



Diving TRIPS

/ PRICES /All prices are per person in THB/


Dive Trip Local Dive**       

Koh Ha (2 Dives)                3300

Koh Bida (2 Dives)             3300

Phi Phi (2 Dives)                 3300


Day Trip Super Dive**

Hin Daeng/Hin Muang          4200  (2 Dives) Marine National Park

King Cruiser Wreck             4200 (2 Dives)

Koh Yung Pinnacle              4200  (2  Dives) Marine National Park

Hin Daeng/Hin Muang          4900  by Speed Boat (2 Dives)            

Extra Dive in the same day  1000


Package Trip**               Marine National Park

 3 Days Package               9700    (4 Dives Local+2 Dives Super)

4 Days Package              12400    (6 Dives Local + 2 Dives Super)

 5 Days Package             15550    (6 Dives Local + 4 Dives Super)

7 Days Package              20650    (8 Dives Local + 6 Dives Super)


Includes: Equipment rental, PADI dive guide, Group Insurance, Tanks, Weights, Belt, Breakfast, Lunch, Tropical fruits, Snacks, Drinking water, Soft drinks, Electrlyte beverage, Cofee& Tea, Transfer from/to hotel/resort.

Exclude: Marine National Park Fee




For own                       Equipment/day (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Reg)                  500

Dive computer rental            350

Nitrox Tank                         300

15 Liter Cylinder                  200